Nosotros - García Abogados en Tijuana Attorneys in Tijuana
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Our firm is formed by a team of professionals in the legal field

Our goal is to provide reassurance and confidence to each and every one of Our customers, putting all the necessary effort, study and knowledge to each case in order to successfully solve all legal situations that we encounter.

We have the necessary experience to handle any legal services required in the State of Baja California and in the most important cities in Mexico. All documents provided by our clients will be analyzed thoroughly so as to have an expert analysis of the case and we can guarantee that our clients will be completely satisfied with the services rendered.


Our motto is:


Our work ethic undoubtedly lies in the thorough study and analysis of each case in order to find the solution that best suits the interests of our clients.

Therefore, our customers can be assured that their concerns will be dealt with confidentially and professionally with a highly personalized service by skilled professionals in the field, who are available when you need them with the commitment of being successful in every legal matter entrusted to us by our clients.