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  • It is a common day and suddenly, you’ll see a involved criminal legal problem. Officers arrive and take you the arrested. Arribas before the Public Ministry, explain you

  • ALCOHOL DETECTOR, WHAT CAN BE DONE?? It’s not okay to drink and drive, but … You’re out of a meeting, took just 2 or 3 drinks, you run an inevitable retentio

  • You’re driving for a quiet and suddenly … you collided … the police and the expert will tell you that was not your fault and who crash will accept no respons

  • TIP -.If you’re In Customs Post or other Federal Unit and the Officer serves you in a despotic manner, haughty, arrogant, rude and even threatens to cause you bad in you

  • You enter the Customs in Mexico as “auto-declare” or you got a RED LIGHT and you made $ 150.00 dlls. in shopping before crossing, bringing in your car your laptop

  • You cross the mexican border and get a green light, you advance and the agents ask you to hold back or you follow a patrol because they saw objects in your vehicle (or bags),

  • Do you live in USA and prescribed or know someone who was prescribed “Medical Marihuana”, and there is the intention to come across to Tijuana with prescribed̷

  • Defend your self against abuses in Mexican Customs You are entering into México and when you cross through Customs facilities they send you to inspection and, Customs Officers

  • The following is something that happens very often outside the Mexican Criminal Courts, Districts Attorney Offices and even outside some of the Delegations of Municipal Police

  • Tijuana is a very popular city and it is recognized for having very good quality medical services, as more and more doctors are trained to provide better services, day by day.