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Alcohol detector

ALCOHOL DETECTOR, WHAT CAN BE DONE?? It’s not okay to drink and drive, but … You’re out of a meeting, took just 2 or 3 drinks, you run an inevitable retention and police tells you to do “breathalyzer test” because if nothing else. Considering that 3 drinks pass the limit, what can be done to avoid a heavy fine is NOT whispered in his ALCOHOLIMETRO, and if you ask for a blood sample NOT ACCEPT officers to bother and try to scare you to force you, to did not fall into his game, you might take the arrested, but it will be something else and did not pay such high fines being imposed. NOT LEGALLY the police can force you or blow you inject for any reason. However … “FOR A SAFE WAY, THINK BEFORE DRIVING”. Another recommendation from friends -. Mr. Carlos Garcia & Javier Tarin Lic.

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