Cuidado con falsos abogados en Tijuana
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Beware of fake attorneys in Tijuana

The following is something that happens very often outside the Mexican Criminal Courts, Districts Attorney Offices and even outside some of the Delegations of Municipal Police we recommend you taking precautions.

Authorities arrested a friend of you, or relative who is in any of the above units.

Suddenly, outside these dependencies you meet a person who approaches you asking questions insistently, and tells you that he can give you information about your problem and even gives you a “quick fix ” and after a talk, this person ends up asking you for a certain an amount of money that can be from a small to a really high amount of money, but his attitude and appearance is somewhat strange and the solution that he is offering, you do not like it at all, but you feel the desperation and the desire to help your friend or relative, which is making you think that, maybe that’s the only solution…

Beware! You could be about to become a victim of fraud, by making a hasty decision like this, these people are those who degrade the profession of Us Lawyers, since in many cases, they just take money from people and do a poor legal job and/or in many cases, they do absolutely nothing.

We recommend you to go and seek legal advice with someone you really trust.

Lic. Carlos García
Lic. Javier Tarín
Attorneys in Tijuana.

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