Did they stop you at the border even if you got a green light? - García Abogados en Tijuana Attorneys in Tijuana
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Did they stop you at the border even if you got a green light?

You cross the mexican border and get a green light, you advance and the agents ask you to hold back or you follow a patrol because they saw objects in your vehicle (or bags), you stop and the officer asks you kindly haughtily, arrogant and despotic, your ID and prompts you to fill out documents and write what I dictate while reviewing your stuff … DON’T DO ANYTHING OF THIS. Anyway stop, attends the ONLY official and asks why is bothering you, but NOT give him ANY information about yourself (not even your name), do not write ANYTHING you will not stand still insist and try to scare you. If you intend to do any more, call your lawyers, your arrest and seizure of your goods (if applicable), will be illegal and will have to free them -. Advice your friends.

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