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Defend yourself against abuses in Mexican Customs

Defend your self against abuses in Mexican Customs

You are entering into México and when you cross through Customs facilities they send you to inspection and, Customs Officers treat you in a despotic manner, arrogant and/or you got a bad service attitude with pride, even a bit rude and then you are told the typical “Do as you wish…”

In these kind of cases you must ask the officers that are attending you to show you his identification, take note of his name and the number that appears on his badge and wait for him to finish attending you, then, you need to locate the RED TELEPHONES that are located at the same customs facilities, in the case of Tijuana, there is one located inside the “self Declaration” area, just right in front where they do the pay slip for taxes.

Is only a matter of lifting the phone and wait to be attended, these phones are set to put your complaint and report acts or corruption or crimes committed by these officers.

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