Did you get a red light in the border? - García Abogados en Tijuana Attorneys in Tijuana
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Did you get a red light in the border?

You enter the Customs in Mexico as “auto-declare” or you got a RED LIGHT and you made $ 150.00 dlls. in shopping before crossing, bringing in your car your laptop , Ipad, your digital audio player 3 baby toys , your guitar like new , 2 brand-new wine bottles , bicycle , luggage with your clothes and camping to the house . Customs Officer approaches and tells you that you exceed your maximum of $ 150.00 dlls . ! This is NOT TRUE , we are entitled to such number and bring APART merchandise that integrates our luggage of passengers traveling internationally , according to the general rule in foreign commerce 3.2.3 . So Mr. Officer like it or not , will have to leave you continue on your way without any problems. We share the links with the Franchise and luggage , we suggest we print and bring in your vehicle for anything – . Mr. Carlos García .

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